New features for October

Last month, I spoke with many of our users to determine how FindMyInvoice was working out for them so far, and more importantly, how we can make it better.

So, on that note, here’s what’s new:

→ Settings page enabled: You can now change your upload settings – including folder structure, folder naming, and file naming.

→ Invoice forwarding: You can set a dedicated email address to forward all your recognized invoices to. For example, why not set up QuickBooks email forwarding method? All recognized invoices and receipts will be added to your books. I’ll publish a post here soon on how to set up your email forwarding with some of the most popular accounting apps around.

→ Tell your friends about FindMyInvoice: We’ve added an easy way to recommend FindMyInvoice to your friends. In the top right corner, you’ll now find three share buttons.

→ Vendor Avatars: In the My Invoices menu, you can now see the avatars of your vendors for easier recognition.

→ Quick access to FMInvoices folder: In the My Invoices menu, there is officially a shortcut to your folder. Look for the folder button below the blue area.

→ Last but not least: Everything just got a whole lot faster and smoother in the background, to better handle all of our old and new users.

There are many other features on our list, based on the feedback from our interviews. Some of these will roll out this week, while others need a little more time to build. In the meantime, feel free to reach out if you have anything on your mind regarding what we can do to make your workflow more hassle-free and smooth than ever before.


– Virag

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