How to get your Email Forwarding Address for Xero

Quick recap: You can set up Email Forwarding with your recognized documents to your preferred accounting software. Read more about that here.

This post is about retrieving your forwarding email address if you are using Xero.

How to retrieve your email forwarding address

You can find the Xero bills email address on any status tab in the Purchases screen.

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Purchases.
  2. Select any status tab.
  3. Click Create bill from email.

Create bill from email button in Purchases

4. Click the email link to copy your unique bills email address.

Unique bills email address

5. Paste the email address to FindMyInvoice’s Settings page.


What happens after FindMyInvoice automatically forwards the recognized invoices?

  • Xero will automatically create and attach the PDF to a draft bill.
  • If you’re in the Premium beta group and Xero is confident when reading the PDF bill, some fields, such as the Contact, Date, Total, Due Date, and Reference fields, may automatically populate.
  • The draft bill is set to Tax Inclusive, which overrides any organization or contact defaults that are set.
  • Check any automatically populated fields, indicated with a Image of the lightning bolt icon for email to bills. icon, against the open PDF beside the draft bill to confirm details are correct.
  • If the PDF is a scanned copy or an image, details in the PDF aren’t automatically populated, but you can enter the details using the side by side view.


– Virag


4 thoughts on “How to get your Email Forwarding Address for Xero”

    1. Thanks Garrett. I see you are also in a similar space 😉 I hope you gave FindMyInvoice a try for collecting stuff from your email. As everyone is preparing their taxes soon (you can’t really start working on it early enough…), maybe your clients could also use our app to quickly collect everything. 😉


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