How to get your Email Forwarding Address for Zoho Books

Quick recap: You can set up Email Forwarding with your recognized documents to your preferred accounting software. Read more about that here.

This post is about retrieving your forwarding email address if you are using Zoho Book.
(We also covered Xero here.)

How to retrieve your email forwarding address

  1. Click on the Folder icon in the Status tab.

2. Enable Auto Scan to retrieve information from emailed documents (There is a monthly limit for the free tier, make sure to check it!)

3. Click Know More under Upload Files via Email, click Enable Now.

4. Edit your forwarding address if needed and click Save.

5. Copy your forwarding email address from the page.

6. Paste the email address to FindMyInvoice’s Settings page.


What happens after FindMyInvoice automatically forwards the recognized invoices?

  1. Zoho Books will receive the document and process it. It will appear in the Documents Inbox section, with all the processed data fields.
  2. This scanned document can be added to any entity within Zoho Books.
  3. Now, in addition to the Add from Desktop and Add from Cloud options, you will see an Add from Documents option when creating a new entity.


PS: There is also a guide on Zoho’s site, but the video sums up all you need for basic setup.

– Virag


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