Big batch of new features released in Feb 2019

You asked and we listened. We have been extremely focused on building great new things based on user feedback and feature requests.

Here is what’s new:

→ Upload to Dropbox: FindMyInvoice allows you to link your Dropbox account and store the recognized documents there.

→ Price detection: we can detect the total amount of your invoice and show it on the sidebar menu as well as in any generated spreadsheet. (Works with USD only for now.)

→ Spreadsheets: you can add a Spreadsheet to your invoices, which means we automatically generate a spreadsheet with dates, sender (vendor) and amount. It’s super easy to just add a few notes to this and share it with your accountant!

→ Invoice Groups: you can now separately collect invoices for your business, your home finances, your side project and your second side project … Each group can have its own rules for cloud upload, email forward and spreadsheet creation.

And again, everything got a bit better in the background. Document syncing got faster and invoice recognition got smoother.

We would like to make FindMyInvoice as useful as possible for you. Please reach out if you have anything on your mind what we could do about making your workflow more hassle-free and smoother.



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