FindMyInvoice is joining

As of Nov 12 2019, FindMyInvoice is joining’s extension line. PAVR’s founder, Derek Szeto ensures current and future customers of FindMyInvoice that they will be treated fairly and honestly, their data and privacy will be protected and they will be provided with a well-functioning service. 


Future plans for FindMyInvoice include improvements in its current core features and technologies as well as adding new features based on user requests and behavior. PAVR’s goal is to continue making FindMyInvoice a helpful tool for entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers in need of book-keeping assistance.


Founders Virag Reti and Andras Simon thank all users for supporting FindMyInvoice’s journey so far and will help with a smooth transition of FindMyInvoice for an uninterrupted service.


About Founded in 2012, is a Technology, eCommerce, and Startup consultancy for new ventures and innovation projects at established companies as well as a developer of several of its own software products, including the Netflix Hidden Categories extension that allows over 4000 Chrome and Firefox users to search thousands of categories that are hidden on Netflix. 


Company information:
Derek Szeto, Founder
2341015 Ontario Ltd., an Ontario, Canada Corporation d.b.a.
120 Glendora Ave
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M2N 2W2

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