Setting up Email Forwarding with your Accounting Software

As you may have seen in our email update or most recent blog post, we have introduced a new feature that makes your record-keeping and accounting processes even smoother. It’s called Email Forwarding.

Many accounting apps, like QuickBooks, Xero, Quicken, FreshBooks, Wave, Zoho Books, and more, are all able to receive and further process forwarded documents. This simplifies your accounting flow even more.

Getting set up isn’t complicated, although there are a few steps involved. I’ve collected all of the latest information, as of November 2018. All you need to do is follow the steps below.

Firstly, you’ll need to retrieve your Email Forwarding address from your accounting software. They all call it something different. In the following descriptions, we will use the terms used by each specific accounting software.

How to get your Email Forwarding Address for Xero
How to get your Email Forwarding Address for Zoho Books
Other accounting software how-tos are coming soon.

Once you have your Email Forwarding address from your preferred accounting provider, you can easily set it up through FindMyInvoice.

  1. Go to your FindMyInvoice Settings. Wherever you are in your Gmail or G Suite account, you can find our Settings by clicking on the Find My Invoice button on the status bar.

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 3.18.21 PM

2. On the Settings page, scroll down and search for “Email Forwarding.”

3. Select the “Forward” option and enter the email address you retrieved from your accounting software. Save all changes.

4. Great. You are all set! Enjoy building your business while we deal with finding and forwarding all of your invoices on your behalf.😉


– Virag

PS: If your favorite accounting software is not listed above, email me at virag@findmyinvoice.com There are always ways and means of getting you connected to FindMyInvoice!


New features for October

Last month, I spoke with many of our users to determine how FindMyInvoice was working out for them so far, and more importantly, how we can make it better.

So, on that note, here’s what’s new:

→ Settings page enabled: You can now change your upload settings – including folder structure, folder naming, and file naming.

→ Invoice forwarding: You can set a dedicated email address to forward all your recognized invoices to. For example, why not set up QuickBooks email forwarding method? All recognized invoices and receipts will be added to your books. I’ll publish a post here soon on how to set up your email forwarding with some of the most popular accounting apps around.

→ Tell your friends about FindMyInvoice: We’ve added an easy way to recommend FindMyInvoice to your friends. In the top right corner, you’ll now find three share buttons.

→ Vendor Avatars: In the My Invoices menu, you can now see the avatars of your vendors for easier recognition.

→ Quick access to FMInvoices folder: In the My Invoices menu, there is officially a shortcut to your folder. Look for the folder button below the blue area.

→ Last but not least: Everything just got a whole lot faster and smoother in the background, to better handle all of our old and new users.

There are many other features on our list, based on the feedback from our interviews. Some of these will roll out this week, while others need a little more time to build. In the meantime, feel free to reach out if you have anything on your mind regarding what we can do to make your workflow more hassle-free and smooth than ever before.


– Virag


When your Invoice is syncing to Google Drive…

FindMyInvoice recognizes and neatly stores your invoices. The storing part is a little tricky, we are only allowed to upload your documents one-by-one. We call it syncing, and you can track the status of your documents in the My Invoices tab. Just look at the cloud icon in each line: if it is grey, we are still working on it; if it is green, your document is already synced.

If you ended up here by clicking one of our buttons in Gmail: we are still working on uploading your document to Google Drive. Once it is uploaded, the button right next to your email as well as the green cloud icon on your My Invoices tab will take you to the uploaded document.

To make up for the wait, here is a cute puppy for you.


If you need any further help or your documents are not syncing to your Drive for over a day, feel free to contact us via support@findmyinvoice.com!

– Virag


The Backstory

Hi there! I’m Virag, and along with my husband/co-founder/partner-in-crime, Andras, we have been working on several startup products over the past four years. While our products are all different, they all have something in common: The need for back office work.


Being creative, entrepreneurial, and innovative startuppers, the idea of back office is not the kind of task that makes us feel happy or fulfilled. As the “Chief Everything Officer,” I was left with all the administrative work, even though this was far from my sweet spots (which are products and customers). In our communities, we see a similar pattern: Founders are unhappily doing paperwork instead of building their businesses.

We had various internal processes and methods, some powered with IFTTT . Andras even built me an app to simplify paper receipt collection. FindMyInvoice is the natural next generation of those processes, helping entrepreneurs focus more on building a business, and less on tackling paperwork.

FindMyInvoice now automatically recognizes and saves incoming invoices from your email. Basically – instead of going through your emails every month or quarter, hunting for expense receipts and invoices, you can easily share your collected documents with your accountant automatically. You can even do the accounting yourself – in a far less tedious manner.

We are working on making our solution more and more useful for you. Many new features will be coming soon, based on our users’ feedback. We are eager to hear from you too.

– Virag