When your Invoice is syncing to Google Drive…

FindMyInvoice recognizes and neatly stores your invoices. The storing part is a little tricky, we are only allowed to upload your documents one-by-one. We call it syncing, and you can track the status of your documents in the My Invoices tab. Just look at the cloud icon in each line: if it is grey, we are still working on it; if it is green, your document is already synced.

If you ended up here by clicking one of our buttons in Gmail: we are still working on uploading your document to Google Drive. Once it is uploaded, the button right next to your email as well as the green cloud icon on your My Invoices tab will take you to the uploaded document.

To make up for the wait, here is a cute puppy for you.


If you need any further help or your documents are not syncing to your Drive for over a day, feel free to contact us via!

– Virag